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   brackets and screws
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DIY Kit Verandahs
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DIY - Kit Flat Verandahs

DIY - Kit Gable Verandahs

   Colour matched
   brackets and screws
   Cost effective
   20 Colours

If your thinking of building a DIY Flat Verandah, we can offer you a quality, easy to build product at a competitive price.

Our kit verandahs utilize a roll formed frame, ensuring strength and design go hand in hand. Combine this with any of our

6 roofing profiles to achieve a perfect design which will fit seamlessly into you home wether it’s new or heritage.

You will find our DIY and KIT Flat Verandahs uncomplicated to build.

DIY - Kit Verandahs

A Gable DIY or Kit build Verandah can add that extra height and design to your new outdoor area. We can design gable widths of up too 9 metres and post spacings in excess of 7 metres, ensuring you have clean lines and un spoilt views.

Attachment to existing roof is a simple process, we provide strengthening brackets which attach to your existing rafters so that your new Gable DIY or Kit Verandah becomes one with your home.

From the moment your DIY-Kit Flat verandah arrives, you will notice the quality of our product, Each component comes

wrapped for protection, you will find each post, rafter, beam and roof sheet is also covered with a protective layer to

Ensure no damage occurs in transit or whilst you construct your new DIY-Kit Verandah.

All you need to do is follow the simple instructions and you will soon have an beautiful Flat Verandah that you built yourself.

By utilizing our 20 years experience in designing the finest quality Gable Verandah you can rest assured that you will be getting the best product on the Australian market today.

Click the get a quote button or call us on 1800 701 520 to discuss how we can make your ideal outdoor gable roof verandah come to life.